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Pass The Guidon is a VETtoCEO program that pairs well-qualified veterans looking to buy existing businesses with business owners looking to exit. 

VETtoCEO is a non-profit organization founded in 2013 by military veterans who are also business owners. We developed our signature Entrepreneurship for Transitioning Warriors Accelerator Program focusing on helping transitioning military members explore small business ownership as a career path after taking off the uniform. We merged this program with Warrior Rising's program portfolio in 2022. Pass the Guidon is a program focused on acquisition entrepreneurship.

We believe that the investment Americans have made in developing leaders at a young age is re-invested by applying the leadership skills honed in the military to small business ownership.

Military experience develops and sharpens the leadership and decision-making skills essential to small business success.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Pass The Guidon is a program that is dedicated to helping veteran business owners and small business owners alike. Our mission is to match small business owners looking to exit/sell their businesses with business-trained, qualified military veterans looking to buy and lead a small business.

We provide a way for service members to continue to serve their country after their military service ends.


Our Vision

We strive to help veterans transition back into civilian life. Our vision is to leverage the taxpayer's investment in developing leaders in the military and apply that investment to strengthening the economy after they've served.

We believe in the potential of veterans to make an impact on the world. Our program offers veterans the opportunity to put their skills to work in the civilian world, helping them to make a meaningful and lasting contribution to American society.

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