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PTG Course Module 1: Preparing to Buy or Sell

This video is a recording of our most recent delivery of the first of three modules of our Pass The Guidon program.

Here are the learning objectives of this module:

  • Understand the overall small business acquisition process

  • Understand methods for finding a business to buy and offering a business for sale

  • Understand what is a non-binding Letter of Intent(LOI)

  • Understand why a non-binding LOI is used

  • Review common concerns buyers have/concerns sellers have

  • Communicating that often it's the first time for the buyer and the seller

  • What’s important to sellers

  • What’s important to buyers

  • Mapping the buying process (Buyer) to the exit strategy (Seller)

  • Understand the role of a broker

  • Understand the difference between an asset purchase versus stock/equity offer/sale

  • Understand how, when, and where to start looking for funding

  • Discover best practices for this phase

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