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Really accelerate the veteran-to-veteran acquisitions process

I was never asked to start a new unit the entire time that I was in our Army. I always had people, process, equipment, and technology in the existing unit that I joined. I saw no reason to do anything different in business since this was how I joined a new unit during my Army time.

I’ve never understood why you would start a new company when there are plenty of existing companies out there with successful past performance. Existing veteran owned companies have people, process, equipment, and technology. The good news to me is that when you own a company you can change whatever you want. You can change its products, its name, its location, and anything else. You still have its past performance, its past financials, its customer list, its vendor list, and its banking history.

When you buy an existing veteran owned company, you pay for what it’s worth right now. You are buying what it’s worth in the future. I encourage you to help yourself by reading Buy, Then Build by Walker Deibel. Deibel offers some great suggestions on the value of buying an existing company rather than starting a new one.

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